I write stories for children, teens and young adults.  In 2012 I earned my bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from the University of Oklahoma where I studied Humanities and Creative Writing, and I continue to obsess over the human condition and the Hero’s Journey. As a burn survivor, I enjoy volunteering as a camp counselor at Oklahoma Firefighter’s Burn Camp.





Mud Run 2012, proceeds benefit Burn Camp

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  1. Thank you for coming by, and leaving a comment, which in turn, brought me here, to get to know you a bit. I like your spirit, and your volunteer work. Haven’t understood yet, why writing is such a hard thing for you, as you mentioned above… In any case, I wish you the best of luck in your many good progects.

    • Oh! Thank you for visiting, I feel honored. Writing is hard for me because there’s so much riding on it. Certainly not for financial reasons, my writing career isn’t going to make or break me. But to express my thoughts precisely, and get over fears or the feeling that my mind may not be big enough to meet my aspirations, that’s what’s difficult–considering it’s been a life-long dream to write. My own expectations of myself make the job hard. Thank you for your kind comments!!

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